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CROMATICA Ambilight Speaker



CROMATICA is a ambilight speaker: a color led design lamp and a Bluetooth loudspeaker controlled through a touch interface and a lamp app. CROMATICA makes perfect integration between light, sound and gestures. It is the first case of an industrial product allowing users to program the mixing of light and sound effects. CROMATICA includes a USB recharging port and a line-in to connect an external source such as a TV or audio player.



AMBIENT LIGHTING PALETTE: 16 Million colors to choose from and create your ambilight! Possibility to adjust intensity and tone of the light from 3000 to 5000K according to your preference, mood and time of the day

BLUETOOTH 4.0 LOUDSPEAKER: great sound performance with high efficiency Class D digital amplifier. Power output 30W.

MOBILE LAMP APP: compatible with any iOS 7.1 and Android 4.4.1 device or higher. Possibility to remote control light, color and music, enter the app ecosystem.

APP ECOSYSTEM: access to the Arduino developer community and specialized app for natural wake-up, light and sound effects and much more.

CHARGING DOCK: USB connector available to recharge your tablet and smartphone.

LINE IN: to connect your music player, game console or TV set and create a home cinema effect.

TOUCH INTERFACE: tap and hold your finger on top of the lamp to tune light, intensity and color through the ambient light sensor on top of the lamp.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: Size 7 cm x 10.7 cm x 30 cm. Weight 1.5 kg.

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: AC/DC multi-plug power supply 12V 2A compatible with all international sockets.


1 Week domestic; 2 Weeks Internationally


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